Team R&D - Jade and Nicolas

With the arrival of Jade in September 2018, R&D engineer. Creative and curious, she has always been interested in the diversity of materials and textures. Her curriculum was therefore oriented towards ITECH, which offered her the opportunity to become an engineer working with raw materials such as leather, plastic and textiles, while providing her with knowledge of the chemistry that is essential for the development of these materials. Impressed by the possibilities offered by fibers in terms of both their raw materials and their shaping, she subsequently chose to open up to textiles. Always interested in the technical side of textiles, she had the chance to do an internship in sports textiles and then in medical textiles. Eager to discover composites, she did her TFE at CTMI, leading to her current position as an R&D engineer. Her mission is the identification and development of technical solutions for the realization of products according to customer specifications and involvement in the organization of R&D projects and the realization of CIR. Thanks to her versatility and dynamism, Jade brings a lot of knowledge for 3D fabrics and knitting.

Then the arrival in September 2019 of Nicolas, formulation engineer/R&D quality control. Young graduate from a chemical engineering school (ESCOM) with a specialization in formulated products and applications. He did an internship at Sika Advanced Resins in Cergy Pontoise in R&D of epoxy machinable boards. His missions are research and development of new epoxy/cyanate resins for impregnation of woven reinforcements; improvement of the range according to customers' technical specifications and production quality control. Thanks to his knowledge of resins and their physico-chemical properties, he brings to the R&D team a real flexibility and adaptability of the technical offer of the use of resins in reinforcements for customers as well as a greater reactivity on projects. The R&D team achieves new objectives thanks to the innovation of its processes with the acquisition of a new traction bench for mechanical properties. This enables it to better respond to the technical and innovation demands of its customers.

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